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Charitable Network

– Mobilizing resources through donors to carry out projects with priority in different regions of the country

-Empowering and improving the skills of volunteers and donors to deal with stakeholders

-Culturalization to explain the category of good work in the provinces covered and evaluation of the component of public participation

-Constructive interaction with donors and maximum use of their power and other charitable organizations

-Creating a database of donors and acquaintances

-Performing the package of honoring and honoring the benefactors, including (making films, documentaries, printing books, holding a conference honoring, awarding medals, etc.)

-Empowering donors to do organizational work

-Organizing charitable activities, identifying branches and creating integrated partnership management for charitable activities in the country

-Organizing charitable centers and organizations based on different groups and classes such as charitable women’s association, youth, guilds

– Identifying volunteer groups active in various fields and forming their database

Reviewing and proposing models and methods of voluntary work by determining examples

– Planning to attract specialized candidates based on needs

– Help to create a network of volunteer groups with common interests

– Planning to train and empower volunteer groups in various specialized fields

– Implementing training courses for charitable organizations

-Establishment of a provincial charity network for the provincial charities covered

-Carrying out monitoring and evaluation to monitor the activities of charitable organizations

-Interaction with socio-economic institutions and institutions

-Holding regular meetings with groups, institutions and associations related to different regions and ethnic groups of the province in order to mobilize capacities to develop local infrastructure to support donors and charitable affairs.

-Carrying out other tasks and programs assigned by the CEO of Pars Development Activists