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About the institution

Pars Development Activists is a non-governmental and non-political organization with humanitarian goals, which started in 2015 with the official permission of the Welfare Organization, the General Directorate of Citizens and Foreign Immigrants of the Ministry of Interior (Bafia). In addition to being a UN advisory body, it is also a member of the board of the Asian Drug Demand Reduction Network.

Pars Development Activists Institute in order to promote social responsibility and develop public participation in order to provide livelihood, education, health services to low-income families at the national level with a focus on “Iranian women and children and citizens” in the areas of literacy, skills empowerment, services Health and health, creating employment and entrepreneurship, reducing social harms and providing emergency services in disasters and crises. Pars Development Activists NGO pursues these issues by providing kindness schools, counseling centers, planning and holding conferences, training and production workshops, with the help of local development institutions and teams.