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Family counseling

Family counseling is a type of counseling that deals with family issues and what is going on in a family. Vulnerable families are more in need of such services due to external and internal problems. Domestic violence, culturally unhealthy patterns of behavior, and misconceptions about family members and maps are all factors that have made Pars Development activists determined to provide family counseling services. Discovering the problems and injuries and their roots is one of the basic steps in solving family problems so that we can then improve and integrate the relationship between family members and put them on the path of growth. The Institute of Actors, with the help of counselors and psychologists in this regard, provides services in both group courses and individual interventions to help reduce family injuries.

One of the most effective interventions is counseling and training through peers. One of the goals of the institute is to provide training and facilitation courses among the stakeholders, to enable them to help improve the lives of their peers as well.

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