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Social work: Social work is a service based on knowledge, skills, principles and values that aims to help individuals, groups and the community to achieve relative independence or satisfaction by relying on their abilities and using available resources. The complexities and special living conditions of vulnerable groups create many challenges, problems and psychological pressures for these people. To help alleviate these problems and have a healthy community, social work services are essential. Social work is based on a set of values:

  1. Respect for human dignity
  2. The right of individuals to equally enjoy material and spiritual facilities (equality)
  3. The right of individuals to decide on their own issues (self-decision)
  4. Individual and social responsibility

The principles of professional help are:

  1. Principle of acceptance: In order to provide services to a person, he must be accepted as he is – regardless of ethnic, religious, gender, age, race, etc.
  2. The principle of individuality: Each person has their own characteristics and a program may be useful for one person but not for another.
  3. The principle of professional secrecy
  4. Principle of professional relationship: a relationship free from personal relationship, dependence, resentment, opportunism, inferiority and….
  5. Principle of client participation
  6. Principle of social worker self-awareness: The social worker should be aware of and control his / her own emotional, psychological and social deficiencies so that the client is not harmed by these issues while working.

The need for social work: Social workers enable people to enjoy opportunities in society, especially those with a variety of injuries, limitations and disabilities, and prevent them from being isolated. Social workers increase self-esteem, self-awareness and the presence of people in social participation and prevent the labeling of those who are disabled for any reason, and by intervening in social problems in a timely manner and helping injured or vulnerable people. , Prevents further damage to them and tries to turn people’s potential into actual ability. The work of the social worker is to advise and support people at risk, vulnerable families, marginalized people, homeless children, people with addictions, the elderly and others.

<span class = “has-inline-color has-black-color”> <strong> Help team in Pars Development Activists: </strong> Pars Development Activists, with its extensive support team, first identifies the beneficiaries in the schools of kindness and the living environment of the deprived, immigrants and the vulnerable. In many cases, stakeholders are identified through a local interface so that instead of people going to the institution and asking for help, our team goes to them and their human dignity is protected. Completion of questionnaires and assistance forms is mainly done by telephone to protect people from corona risk due to travel. In addition, the Institute of Activists, by establishing kind schools in various cities and with the presence of helpers, identifies and attracts working and out-of-school children, and in addition to educating them about living services and social harms, such as domestic and social violence and rape. Self-care – Provides support services. From the beginning of the COVID-19 virus, families who have suffered from serious physical, psychological and livelihood problems as a result of this disease have been continuously identified by the activists’ support team and have benefited from assistance and livelihood services. Natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes are other places where Pars development activists provide a variety of services, including assistance services to the affected people to help their mental health and mitigate the consequences as much as possible. </span >

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